My journey into the world of photography began when I was 8 years old and I received my very first camera from my grandmother for my birthday. From there I delved into this exciting visual adventure and never looked back.

Initially I concentrated on perfecting my skills in landscape and nature photography. I adored taking macro shots of flowers.

In 2007 I started taking on photography assignments, capturing beautiful moments in the lives of many friends and families, from weddings and baptisms to concerts and numerous other events.

In 2009 I organized my first exhibition in the Salone Piazza Grande near Lugano. The very same year I also began focusing more on portrait and model photography and since then I have been working regularly with many different clients (including Miss Ticino and Miss Croatia) in Switzerland (Lugano/Basel/Zürich) and California to produce genuine images that reflect their true beauty and character.

Today I am of the opinion that despite the great effect a wonderful nature photograph may have on its observer, it will never match the intensity of emotions that a photograph of another human being can arouse through its enormous potential of expression.

If you have questions regarding my services please do not hesitate to contact me.

Julian Powell Photography